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855casino is an Online gaming website, branched from one of the most reliable and well known land base casinos and online gaming enterprise in Cambodia.
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LIVE22 brings players excellent online casino gaming entertainment, housed in a visually stunning online environment.

Asia Gaming Centre invites you to visit virtual halls of the best online casinos in Asia. AGC is a premium provider of gambling services offering you an opportunity to play in the best live online casino in Singapore! If you are looking for live dealer casinos, our website is your most perfect choice!

While land-based gambling operations and most online casinos were prohibited by the Singaporean government, you still can enjoy the full spectrum of remote gambling services. All necessary tools and guidelines that you need are here, on our website. You will be able to download standalone applications for your smartphone or PC and start making bets and playing with live dealers right away!

We offer you access to state-of-the-art live casinos with professional dealers and outstanding slot games. These gaming platforms are adapted for mobile devices and optimized for PC users. We pay close attention to our potential partners and stress test their software solutions before implementing them in AGC. If you can play a game on our website, be sure that the game passed our performance tests and offers a great gaming experience.

Live dealers are a relatively new domain for the Asian adult entertainment industry. Companies like Asia Gaming and 2BET only recently started offering such services. We closely monitor the market and choose only premium software solutions to our customers. As of right now, AGC has two partnered gaming systems with live dealers. We strongly believe that these systems are the best in the market and allow users to take away only good memories!

There are several aspects that we consider when choosing live dealer casinos:

  • Performance. Each gaming system is tested. We make sure that servers are available 24/7 and that ping is not a big issue. Some games are played with significantly reduced betting time frames meaning that having a stable connection to the server is crucial.
  • Accessibility. Both 855Casino and 22LIVE are adapted for mobile play. We test applications for Android and iOS to ensure that apps are fully compatible with operational systems. Both platforms can be accessed via a desktop application for Windows.
  • Variety. Having a rich assortment of games to choose from is quite important for gamers. When it comes to live online casino games, we also have to consider live dealers. Some people want to see new faces and enjoy meeting new dealers.
  • Culture. Singapore is a vibrant country that embraces all Asian cultures evenly. We make sure that selected providers partnered with AGC offer games that are popular in China, Singapore, and other Asian countries. You will find Sic Bo, Niu Niu, and Bola Tangkas games hosted by professional dealers!

Our trusted software providers considered the best in the region and offer an excellent, authentic gaming experience. You will love playing different games at AGC.

Charming dealers and several hugely popular games will entertain even the most experienced gamers. If you are looking for an authentic experience, choosing 855Casino is a good call. The variety of available entertainments is not mind-blowing, but you will be able to try traditional Asian games like Sic Bo and Bull Bull as well as several types of baccarat.

855Casino is an online roulette Singapore provider. The studio is spacious with different backgrounds. All dealers have to go through a long training process in order to qualify for hosting live games. You will definitely appreciate the level of service and quality of production.

Here are games that you will be able to play:

  • Bid Baccarat is a type of baccarat popular in Asia. You will have several windows for betting. All stats and game history are shown continuously meaning that you will always have enough information to make informed decisions. Games are hosted by a single dealer. 855Casino’s online baccarat in Singapore is a great way to relax after a long day.
  • Roulette is a casino classic. There are countless movies about this game. It has been a synonym of gambling for decades. The fact that the game is based purely on chance is what draws those who like to take risks. One of the advantages that 855Casino’s roulette has is that the biggest part of the screen is dedicated to the interface.
  • Niu Niu or Bull Bull is a game that millions of people living in Asia enjoy on a daily basis. It is a simple card game similar to poker. It is a very old game with relatively simple rules. You may also know it under the name Gnau Gnau. At any given moment of time, several dealers host Bull Bull games.
  • Sic Bo at 855Casino is a well-designed live casino game. While baccarat and roulette are slightly more popular, you will be able to find a couple of Sic Bo tables whenever you decide to play. Sic Bo is a dice game with simple rules.

If you want to play online poker in Singapore, choosing LIVE22 is a good idea. A luxurious studio with all necessary equipment to broadcast high-quality video feed is one of the reasons why we value LIVE22 as a platform. It is a stable platform powered by servers that work without any downtime. All dealers are well-trained and know how to keep games entertaining and intense.

LIVE22 offers a rich selection of games that are traditional for a western casino. Roulettes, baccarat, Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, three card poker, and even money wheel hosted by a charming dealer won’t let you feel boredom.

Here are some games that you will be able to play:

  • Texas Hold’em and Extreme Texas Hold’em are the most popular poker games in the world. You will be able to play against other players and test your skills in a game where you don’t have to rely on luck only. It is a complicated card game that rewards patient players who play with confidence and cold head.
  • Money Wheel is a recent addition to the collection of live dealer games. The game is fairly simple. You don’t need to be a skilled gamer to win here. Money Wheel is all about luck and odds. Games are entertaining and accompanied by music. All dealers are friendly and know how to keep up the good mood at the virtual table.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker is a good choice if you don’t like playing against other people and prefer less stressful environment. Stud Poker is a standard poker game that you play against the house. The dealers won’t bluff or try to deceive you otherwise. It is a straightforward card game where the strongest hand wins 100% of the times.
  • Blackjack is another casino classic. If you want to play online blackjack in Singapore, check out live dealer games at LIVE22. Professional hosts make sure that every single minute is entertaining and rewarding even if you don’t win that much. The rules of the game are quite simple.

Asian Gaming Centre offers you an opportunity to get a solid welcome bonus (30%) and enjoy additional bonus funds with each consecutive deposit (up to 20%). Bonus funds can be used in eligible slot games. This small boost is exactly what you need to ensure that you can control your bankroll. We offer this bonus to help you mitigate potential risks.

While live dealer games are perfect for recreational purposes, we also invite you to check out our slot games and sports betting options. You can bet on dozens of sports events and enjoy an assortment of slot games from SCR888, Playboy, and 3WIN8. Having a choice when it comes to adult entertainment is quite important and often determines the quality of your gaming experience.

We ensure that you can safely access our services from any device. Use your phone, tablet or PC to download/install applications. Connect to servers securely and do not worry about your privacy. AGC and our partners handle your personal information with great care and never share it with third parties. You will be able to play games anonymously from the comfort of your home!

Enjoy our live online casino in Singapore and meet the best live dealers in the world! You will love every second. Our customer support team will ensure that you actually spend every second playing games or enjoying other aspects of the service provided to you by AGC!

LIVE22 and 855Casino are two platforms that offer you an opportunity to meet exceptional dealers who are always ready to entertain you during games. From traditional baccarat and roulette to exotic Sic Bo and Bull Bull — the variety of games is bigger than in many western casinos.

Playing with live dealers is an authentic experience that allows you to feel the intensity of a casino hall without leaving your home. Visit luxurious studios and virtual casino halls while sipping coffee from your favorite mug. It is a great opportunity to learn new games, interact with other players, and have a small talk with your favorite dealers.